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Thousand Oaks, California

Obscura Society LA: Chumash Cave Hike

Trek through a lush oak grove to a sacred Chumash cave.

Join Field Agent Benjamin Harmon on a journey to the Chumash Indian Birthing Cave, a sacred site located on private property.

Hidden in Thousand Oaks is the Chumash Indian Museum, an organization dedicated to the Chumash, one of the oldest tribes in the United States. At the height of their civilization, there were about 150 different villages spread out across the Channel Islands and on the mainland from Malibu to Paso Robles. Today, about 5,000 Chumash continue to live in California and the Chumash Indian Museum serves both as a historical site and living history center. 

Guided by Graywolf, Curator and Assistant Director of the Chumash Indian Museum, we'll discover the history and culture of the Chumash people as we trek three miles from the Museum to the Birthing Cave, a sacred site which contains three prominent pictographs. Along the way, we'll also visit a Chumash village recreation and learn about the native flora and fauna. 

Notes for this adventure:

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the museum. The ticket price includes admission to the Chumash Indian Museum.

During the hike, we will be accompanied at all times by our guide and will be entering the cave area which is normally closed to the public. 

This event is family friendly, ages 10+

This hike is over three miles round trip. Please wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes with firm gripping. High heels, sandals, and flip flops are not allowed.

Bringing drinking water and wearing sun protection is encouraged!

Photography is NOT allowed inside the Birthing Cave, but allowed in all other areas. 

A liability waiver is required for this event.

Advance ticket sales only. All sales are final.