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Los Angeles

Obscura Society LA: In Search of Los Angeles' Past - Broadway Edition

Join us as we go in searching of Los Angeles' Broadway past

From the days of traveling Vaudeville shows to the Golden Age of the great movie palaces, there was one place to go for entertainment in Los Angeles: Broadway.

Though the days when Angelenos would take the Red Car to Broadway for a night of theater-going are long gone, the street is still a thriving retail district where everything from musical instruments to quinceañera dresses can be found.

L.A.’s version of the Great White Way was a street lined with grand, ornate theaters built by luminaries like Sid Grauman and Charlie Chaplin, and even today it hosts the largest collection of pre-World War II theaters in the United States. While many of the iconic theaters have been converted to other uses, their neon marquees still shine at night, and Broadway itself is undergoing a transformative revival process.

Join us for a day of exploring Broadway, the theaters that reside there, and the surrounding landmarks as we learn how time changes all.  

You and your team will participate in a photo scavenger hunt for landmarks of the past and present, in a journey through the once and future heart of Los Angeles.

Our starting location will be the the 107-year-old St. Vincent Court, located on the north side of 7th Street between Hill and Broadway.

Afterwards, we will have the closing ceremonies, present prizes to the winning teams, and enjoy special Obscura Society LA cocktails at the Artisan House in the historic Pacific Electric building. 

Notes for this adventure:

-Wear comfortable shoes. You'll be on your feet, running around all day! 

-Your tickets includes the scavenger hunt, a "closing ceremonies" at the Artisan House, and prizes. 

-Street and lot parking are available downtown, but we highly recommend public transportation - bus or metro!

-Our starting location (St. Vincent Court) will be clearly marked, so no one gets lost. 

-All ages, but must be 21+ to drink.