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Los Angeles

Obscura Society LA: Locked - A Lock Picking Workshop

What lies behind that locked door?

Join Obscura Society LA, in partnership with the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, for an evening of lock picking that will shatter your illusion of security.

Our teacher for the workshop will be security historian, competitive lock picker, and lover of all things locked, Schuyler Towne.  As a competitive picker, Schuyler won top honors in competitions at the Defcon and HOPE conferences. Schuyler served on the board of The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers and created the community journal Non-Destructive Entry Magazine. He’s taught hackers, authors, cops and even toy designers. There is nothing Schuyler loves more than to talk locks with anyone who will listen. 

By the end of this four hour workshop, attendees will have:

- Learned how to pick basic locks through instruction and hands-on practice.

- Gained experience on more advanced locks using Schuyler's own diverse lock library.

- Acquired their very own lock picking set to take home and continue practicing on.

- Developed an understanding of the history, design and functionality of the most common locks in North America, Pin Tumblers, Wafers, and Disc Detainers.

- Earned a new appreciation for the long history of security engineering.

This workshop will take place at the historic Carnegie-designed Eagle Rock Branch Library, inhabited by our partner for this event, the Center of the Arts Eagle Rock. Built nearly a century ago in 1915, this space is beautiful, open, and a great representative of the Mission Revival Style architecture found across Los Angeles. It was included on the National Register for Historic Places in 1987.

For the past 16 years, the Center of the Arts Eagle Rock has generated innovative arts programming in Northeast Los Angeles. Their mission is to be innovative in providing multidisciplinary, arts-inclusive programming to the diverse communities of northeast Los Angeles and beyond.

Notes for this adventure:

- We ask whatever lock picking skills you do acquire from this workshop, you use for good. Not bad.

- As mentioned above, everyone will leave with their own lock picking set to practice with at home!

- The space is historic and 99 years old, so we ask attendees to be respectful.

- Street and meter parking are available.

- Wine & beer will be available for a small donation.