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Los Angeles

Obscura Society LA & Cartwheel Art Tours: Mystery Behind the Mask

Immerse yourself in the drama and glamour of lucha libre

Join us in Lincoln Heights at Plaza de la Raza Cultural Center for a preview of La Bulla with Cindy Schwarzstein, founder of Cartwheel Art Tours.

La Bulla is a multicultural lucha libre event produced by Antonio Pelayo, founder of Exodus Events and animator at Walt Disney Studios. During the preview, we'll meet Antonio and hear his stories about creating La Bulla and perspectives on the shifting culture of Mexican wrestling. We'll also meet artist Man One who will share the exhibition he curated for La Bulla featuring over eighty artists that explores the cultural influence of lucha libre as luchador fame spreads around the globe (curator statement below).

La Bulla will open at 7:00 PM on April 30th with music and live Lucha Libre (tickets sold separately). 

ACT NOW! The first 10 preview tickets include free admission to La Bulla.

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Man One's Curator Statement:

My intention in curating this exhibition of  “La Bulla” is to address the crossover effect that Lucha has had on visual artists of all races and disciplines.  Lucha Libre is essentially an operatic display of sport and culture and has attracted artists to it from all walks of life.  It is important to show the cross section of influenced artists. Invited are some of LA’s best tattoo artists like Tattoo Ruben, Chuey Quintanar, and Freddy Negrete among others.  Key Latino and Chicano artists I invited include the highly collected Yolanda Gonzalez, Pola Lopez, and Luis Ituarte.  I also wanted to open up the exhibition by showing the influence of Mexican wrestling on contemporary toy designers such as Jesse Hernandez and Marka27 as well as artist-designers like Bob Motown, Lichiban, Ritzy P, and Louie Galvez.  Some of the notable non-Latino and highly respected artists influenced by Lucha Libre include Gregg Stone, Michael Massenburg, and Italian born Gusmano Cesaretti.  Not to be left out is the work of graffiti artists Vyal One, CaleK2S, Fishe Kog and Tetris Wai (among others). I also thought it was essential to show the work of Hollywood animators/writers like Andy Bialk, Jorge R Gutierrez, and Lalo Alcaraz.

Advance Tickets Only. All Sales Final.