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Huntington Park

Obscura Society LA: Occult Show and Tell - A Visit to Saydel

Voodoo dolls, Santeria sacrifices, and Santa Muerte skeletons bring the the occult side of LA to life

Los Angeles is melting pot of a city; filled with people, tradition, culture, and religion from every corner of the Earth. Our ever-increasing curiosity has taken down the path of discovering the occult side of LA, into the religious practices we may not a whole a lot about.

Last month, Field Agent Robert Hemedes took the LA Obscura Society to the Templo Santa Muerte. On November 16th, he will take us further into the unknown by taking a look at the religious practices of Vooodoo and Santeria.

A blend of African, Mesoamerican and Roman Catholicism practices, these religions are more openly practiced in places like Miami or New Orleans. LA's own thriving and growing community is a result of the city's ever increasing population of immigrants from the Caribbean, Mexico and South America. 

South LA, in particular, has a very large concentration of such immigrants, so it makes sense that little known Huntington Park is home to a store that specializes in selling artifacts and objects that helps gain favor and protection from their respective entities.

Saydel in Huntington Park is your one stop shop for all your religious occult needs. On a tour led by Field Agent Robert Hemedes, you will see a variety of statues and figurines for sale representing saints and gods from Roman Catholicism, Voodoo, Santeria and even Santa Muerte. He will explain the meaning behind them all and will answer any and all questions you may have. 

After the visit to Saydel, Robert will then take you to the nearby Alameda Swap Meet that will make you feel like you stepped into an open marketplace in Mexico or Central America. 

- There is only street parking at Saydel, so arrive a few minutes before 10 AM to find parking.
- Please meet in front of the store entrance.
- If you would like to purchase anything from the store or the swap meet, please bring cash.
- The address to Saydel is 2475 East Slauson Avenue, Huntington Park, CA 90255
- The address to the Alameda Swap Meet is 4501 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90058