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Los Angeles, California

Obscura Society LA: Pop and Plumage

Journey to NELA for obscure beverages at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop and explore the world's largest collection of Mexican birds at the Moore Lab of Zoology

Come for the Soda. Stay for the birds! A two part adventure exploring Galco’s Soda Pop Stop and Moore Lab of Zoology.

Join us as we delve deep into the world of obscure beverages at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop: a throwback to the age when every county had its own small soda manufacturer. Galco’s carries an immensely diverse variety of soda brands from all corners of the US, and as far away as Romania. Its catalog includes rare, almost forgotten, US brands and imports available in only a few spots on the planet. Here you can find flavors as strange as espresso, cucumber, and huckleberry.

Owner Mr. John F. Nese, who may be the world's leading expert on matters of soda flavors, will guide us through the history of soda and of course his own personal collection. Be sure to bring some extra money, as there is a flavor for everyone at Galco’s and John is always boasting with suggestions.

Afterwards, we will flock over to the Moore Lab of Zoology at Occidental College, where we will get up close and personal with rare and extinct specimens on this private tour of the late, famed ornithologist Robert T. Moore’s collection. Moore became fascinated with birds at an early age. As an adult he traversed North and South America to study, observe, and document his ornithological findings. He is credited with discovering five bird species and some thirty subspecies, amassing in the process one of largest collections of birds in the world. 

This exclusive tour will be led by director, John McCormack, and collections manager, James Maley. Together they will show us some of the most unusual and magnificent creatures from the sky. 

Don’t be a dodo and miss out on this one—get your tickets before they’re extinct!


Notes for this adventure:

- This event takes place on a weekday, specifically a Wednesday.

- We will caravan between the two locations, a short 6 minute drive.

- This tour includes considerable walking. The Moore Lab is located 0.5 miles from the parking lot.

- Bring your camera! #atlasobscura

- This event is family friendly, ages 12+

- Directions and parking instruction will be sent out prior to the tour date.

Advance ticket sales only. All sales are final.