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Los Angeles, California

Obscura Society LA: The Blossoming of Angelino Heights - A Gardening Exploration

Come see, smell, enjoy, and taste (in theory) what's blossoming in your LA neighborhood

As the warm weather approaches in Los Angeles, the city blooms. From the canyons to the shores, our beloved Southern California is enveloped in bright colors, sweet aromas, and buzzing bees brought forth by the diverse floral growth. 

Join Obscura Society LA and horticulturalist Kelley Remington for a floral tour of the historic neighborhood of Angelino Heights. He will help us identify, learn, and enjoy dozens of the area's blooming plants and trees. The tour and conversation will open your eyes to LA's fascinating horticultural identity and showcase the beautiful June blooms present in this historic, unique area.

On this tour, you'll learn: 

- The names and histories of the 15 to 25 Los Angeles plants, trees, and blossoms currently gracing us with their presence. 

- The concepts of 'right plant right place' and other efficient plantscape designs.

- How to evaluate landscape and plant performance.

- What is technically edible and how you can grow these plants to take advantage of their nature. 

- Other interesting gardening info related to this neighborhood and the urban environment.

Kelley Remington, our horticulturalist, is a graduate of the University of Washington in Urban Forestry/ Urban Horticulture. He's been working as a Certified Nurseryman & Horticulturist since 1997. He first got his start when he lied about his age at 14 to get a job working at Furney's Nursery in Seattle, WA. Eventually, he moved to Northern California to work full-time on a friend's whimsical English country garden, which became a regular stop on the garden tours of the Sonoma County Master Gardeners. He now owns his own business in Sliverlake that specializes in boutique gardening & seasonal planter installations - "Joe Horticulture." He loves talking about all-things-plants. 

Notes for this adventure:

-This is a an hour and half walking tour, so please wear comfortable shoes.

-The whole tour will be outside, make sure to have protection from the sun and plenty of water.

-Bathroom access will be limited.

-While there will be plants Kelley points out that, are in theory, edible, we do not recommend eating them on the spot. There are too many variables (chemicals, waste, etc.) that may have contaminated the plants to ensure that they are safe to eat.