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Los Angeles, California

Obscura Society LA: The Bob Baker Marionette Theater - 2014 Remix!

Marionettes and humans collide in this exclusive behind the scenes adventure

Now in its 53rd season, The Bob Baker Marionette Theater is the longest running puppet theater in the country and has been delighting, charming, and amazing kids of all ages with its nearly 3,000 marionettes and constantly rotating shows.

When Bob Baker and Alton Wood purchased this downtown theater from Academy Award-winning special-effects artist M.B. Paul in 1962,  their goal was to make it the place to see the best puppet shows on Earth. They have succeeded and the theatre is just as beautiful (if not more so) then day they bought it. 

Join Obscura Society for an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the historic theater and the marionettes that make it come alive.  We will enjoy "Fun with Strings!" (blurb about the show below), as well as an after-show presentation/Q & A with Alex Evans, a puppeteer at the theatre. 

While Mr. Baker is now retired, he's been known to puppeteer on occasion. There's always a chance he shows up to perform!

Fun with Strings! - Join Jack Frost, The Snow Queen, Chili Dog, The Balloon Clown, and over 100 of Bob Baker’s whimsical creations as they lead you on a wondrous journey with many a magical stop along the way. 

Notes about this adventure:

- Ticket price ($20) includes admission plus backstage access tour with the Obscura Society.

- This event is definitely kid and family friendly! 

- Meeting time is 2 pm, show begins at 2:30 pm, and our backstage tour will begin at 3:30.