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Los Angeles

Obscura Society LA: One Cowboy's Braille Mission

Join us as we explore the life's work of cowboy J. Robert Atkinson in helping his fellow vision-impaired

In 1912, a gunshot wound left Montana cowboy J. Robert Atkinson blind. Undaunted, he learned to read braille and transcribed his entire personal library, which included nearly one million words, into braille.

By 1919, Atkinson had founded the Braille Press, later the Braille Institute of America.

Come join the Obscura Society LA and field agent Robert Hemedes as we learn about the amazing life of J. Robert Atkinson, his life's work - the Braille Institute, and the ongoing mission of assisting the vision-impaired.

In 1933, Atkinson moved his organization to its current location today, on Vermont Ave, which now takes up an entire city block. The award-winning Library features more than one million volumes in audio, large-print and braille formats.

Notes for this adventure:

- Due to the availability of the library and institute, this is a daytime Tuesday event.

- This walking tour will last an hour and half to two. Please wear comfortable shoes.

- No photography is allowed inside the building.

- Part of the ticket proceeds will go towards the Braille Institute.