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Highland Park

Obscura Society LA: The Invocation

Join us as we enter the exclusive subterranean world of THE INVOCATION, an once in a lifetime evening of profane ritual, ancient cocktails, and enlightenment

Living between dream and reality, THE INVOCATION will, for the first time, allow outsiders to witness or join in their work.

Obscura Society LA is privileged to invite members to attend what is believed to be the city's longest-running closed society dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the Trickster Coyote, hitherto barred to non-initiates.

Some background relating to the history and significance of the Invocation will be given for the benefit of attendees, followed by drinks and conversation upon which a hypnagogic state will be induced during the evening.

Additionally, we are proud to have the White Witch of Los Angeles - Maja D'Aoust - as a guest lecturer. She will speak to the custom of profane rituals and trickster illusions. 

This is a one-time opportunity: following the end of the Invocation, it will once again be closed to the public. 

All are welcome, but because of the intense nature of this event, epileptics and individuals with heart conditions or other health concerns are urged not to attend.

You are welcome to socialize with cocktails, conversing, and company.

Put your hand in ours and pass through the threshold: join us for The Invocation at a to-be-announced location in Highland Park near York Blvd. (that's all they will tell us!).

Faith will be your reward.

Notes for this adventure:

- Must be 21+

- Admission includes access to all privileges of the society including an open bar filled with wine and an ancient aztec cocktail.

- Cocktail attire is encouraged.

- Recommended if you like mythology, strange happenings, and ancient mixology. 

- Please direct all queries to theinvocationLA@gmail.com.

- Ticket purchasers will be emailed the exact location of The Invocation several days prior to the event.