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Simi Valley

Obscura Society LA: The Wild, Fake West - Visiting Corriganville

Join Obscura Society LA as we learn that the west wasn't won, but rather made

Concealed in a riparian oak grove beside the Santa Susana Pass Wildlife Corridor in Simi Valley lies the remnants of Corriganville Movie Ranch, built by the old west actor and stunt man Ray "Crash" Corrigan.

Corriganville Movie Ranch was known for providing scenery, trails and man-made sets as the backdrop for hundreds of movies and TV programs through out the early 20th century. 

Eventually, it became an amusement park to see gunfights and skits on the Old West. In its heyday, it competed with Knott's Berry Farm for visitors and welcomed 20,000 visitors each weekend.

Visitors can still see the concrete foundations, serving as a reminder of times past, of the old Silvertown movie sets where the saloon, sound stage, church, and school were located.

The park reopened in 1995 and was renamed Corriganville Regional Park, operated by the Ventura County parks district. While Corriganville rests in the shadows of the oak grove, mostly visited by locals in Simi Valley these days, there is almost an irony that a business located right beside the park specializes on building props for the film industry.

Join the LA Obscura Society as we discover Hollywood’s old west history at Corriganville. The docent-led, two and a half hour tour will cover the area's predominant film sites including the Western set of "Silvertown," Howard Hughes-built Corsican Village and the set of legendary Western director John Ford's film "Fort Apache."

Notes for this adventure:

- This is more of a hiking adventure, although the area we will be covering is mostly flat, please advise there is significant amount of walking involved. Wear athletic shoes or hiking boots. 

- It can get warm in Simi Valley during April, so dress appropriately. This is an outdoor event, so wear sunblock and bring a hat if you burn easily.

- Bring a water and trail snacks. This is a 2.5 hour tour and you may get thirsty/hungry. 

- Dirt lot parking is FREE.