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San Pedro, California

Obscura Society LA: Marine Mammal Care Center

All about the Pinnipeds!

Join the Obscura Society LA and Field Agent Robert Hemedes on a guided tour of the Marine Mammal Care Center (MMCC) and its current pinniped patients.

In 2013, Southern California saw a sharp increase in the amount of stranded sea lion pups. Scientists believe that the major culprit for this phenomenon is that sardines, the primary food source for nursing sea lion mothers, have moved further offshore and away from traditional feeding grounds. For 2014, caretakers at the MMCC are reporting another higher than average year for sea lion rescues. Since January 2014, over 300 sea lions have been admitted to the MMCC. In addition to the usual cases of sea lions injured by both natural and human causes, many of this year's rescues are arriving at the center in a similar malnourished state to last year's rescues.

MMCC will also rescue and temporarily hold rescued dolphins like they did on December 13th, before transferring the animal to SeaWorld which is better equipped to treat and rehabilitate such creatures.

This tour includes an overview of marine mammals and medical conditions that are seen at MMCC, a short educational video, a classroom activity, and rehabilitation discussion.

Notes for this adventure:

- This event is family friendly, ages 12+

- Due to safety considerations, the tour is limited to classroom activities and viewing the animals from outside the perimeter fence, and does not entail a behind-the-scenes (i.e. inside the fence) look at the Care Center

- Photography of the animals is allowed from outside the perimeter fence

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