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Brooklyn, New York

Obscura Society NY: Cryptic Symbolism in Green-Wood's Whitney Mausoleum

Join us for an intimate study of the detailed symbolism of death and burial found within Green-Wood Cemetery's historic grounds

Meet us the night of the next full moon for a lantern-lit exploration of beautiful, sprawling Green-Wood Cemetery.

From the classic imagery often found on memorials depicting a life well-lived or tragically cut too short to the more obscure signification of egyptian hieroglyphs and occult emblems, we'll be discussing the myriad of ways that symbolism has been used to represent death, mourning and the soul's journey into the afterlife.

Our night-time adventure will culminate with an intimate, private gathering in one of Green-Wood's most interesting and elaborate memorials: the Whitney family mausoleum. An elaborate, eight-sided gothic chapel, the Whitney mausoleum is typically locked and off-limits to the public. Join us for a rare opportunity to participate in a candle-lit discussion of the strange symbols found within the tomb while getting a chance to spend some meaningful time in this mysterious and rarely accessed burial space.



Sunday, November 17, 7- 9:30pm
Tickets: $60. Cocktails will be included in the ticket price.
Green-Wood Cemetery's main entrance is located at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 25th Street, Brooklyn, NY. The closest subway stop is the 25th Street R stop, which is one block down on 4th Avenue.
We'll be meeting at 7:00pm beneath the main entrance's towering gothic gates. Please be on time, the gates will be locked behind us shortly after our arrival and will remain locked until the conclusion of our event.

All photographs by Tod Seelie, www.todseelie.com / www.suckapants.com