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South Salem, New York

Obscura Society NY: Evening Wolf Howl

Join the Obscura Society on an evening excursion to the Wolf Conservation Center of South Salem, New York for a visit with these rare and too-often misunderstood animals at their favorite hour, dusk

Surrounded by myth and a history of fear and persecution, the red wolf and Mexican gray wolf were both once hunted to the point of complete extinction in the wild and remain among the rarest and most endangered mammals of North America.  

In partnership with the Wolf Conservation Center of South Salem, New York, we are being given a very special opportunity to observe and interact with these elusive and fascinating predators during their most active hours.

We will be traveling by passenger van to one of the pre-eminent facilities in the eastern U.S. for canid research, captive breeding and pre-release.  Join us for wine and an evening campfire discussion of wolf mythology, ecology, and relation to man before taking a moonlit hike to visit Ambassador wolves Atka, Alawa and Zephyr and howl with the center's critically endangered red and Mexican gray wolf populations.


Wednesday, August 7, 5:00-10:00pm
$65 ticket price includes roundtrip transportation, wine and snacks
We will be meeting at 5:00pm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn underneath the BQE overpass at the intersection of Meeker and Union.  Please arrive promptly; vans will be leaving no later than 5:15pm
Ages 21+; please bring your ID with you