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Washington, D.C.


Join us in our exploration of a vacated World War II orphanage and the Guggenheim's Gold Coast mansion, followed by an afternoon relaxing on the family's former private beach

Once home to the cream of the crop of New York society, Long Island's North Shore was scattered with dramatic, old money estates belonging to some of the most affluent families of the late 19th century. From the Vanderbilts to the Roosevelts, the coast was lined with the grandiose mansions of the elite. 

Join the Obscura Society as we explore one of the most impressive remaining examples of Long Island's early 20th century estates, 216 acres of shorefront property formerly belonging to the Guggenheims. We'll be traveling by passenger van to the historic Sands Point Preserve for a private tour of the family mansion Falaise, followed by a rare opportunity to view the interior of the Hempstead House, a vacated World War II orphanage and former Navy training camp.  The remainder of the day we will be granted free rein of the grounds, from the beach to the forest trails, so bring a swimsuit and come enjoy a taste of the grandeur that earned the North Shore it's Gold Coast nickname.


Sunday, August 4, 10:30am- 5:00pm
We will be meeting at 10:30am in Williamsburg, Brooklyn underneath the BQE overpass at the intersection of Meeker and Union.  Please show up promptly; we will be leaving no later than 10:40am
$55 ticket price includes round-trip transportation and a light beach picnic, feel free to bring extra provisions
Beachwear and supplies are encouraged