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Brooklyn, New York

Obscura Society NY Presents: The Strange Journey Through Every Bodega in New York

One woman’s odyssey documenting an overlooked, but deeply idiosyncratic New York City icon before it disappears

Gail Victoria Braddock Quagliata walked the island of Manhattan block by block with her Nikon D800E to catalog the surprisingly mysterious world of the bodega.

Always a revealing reflection of their neighborhoods, bodegas have long been purveyors of lottery dreams, niche groceries, and the occasional discount ticket to Atlantic City. For many people, they're also the only friend you’ve got at 4AM.

Walking 15 miles a day, Gail stumbled on hidden gambling dens, bizarre life stories, secret beaches, the stubborn eccentricity of the Chinatown bodega, and an urban dictionary’s worth of neighborhood-specific catcalls. In the course of photographing over 4,000 bodegas, her project also became a study of documentary and observation, of strangers and street culture, and the general oddness of New York City interactions.

Gail will be joining the Obscura Society April 29 at Acme Studio to share anecdotes of her travels and show photographs of all the species of bodega you never knew existed.  

Presented by Atlas Obscura at ACME Studio
63 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY
Wednesday, April 29 - Doors at 8:00pm; Talk begins at 8:30
$15 each - Advance Tickets Highly Recommended - Cash Bar