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The Bronx, New York

Obscura Society NYC: Afterlives After Dark

A Nighttime Walk in Woodlawn Cemetery

Cemeteries are very different places after the sun goes down, and on this walk through Woodlawn Cemetery we will visit a few of the permanent residents of the 19th century burial ground by the light of the moon and our flashlights.

We’ll step inside a few of the elaborate 1,300 private mausoleums that dot the Bronx cemetery, including one that houses a dearly departed pet, and one that gives a curious perspective on the night sky. Our path will also take us to the grave of Herman Melville, so bring a pen or note for tribute to the author of Moby-Dick.


Questions? Email: allison@atlasobscura.com


Saturday, September 28, 7 - 9:30 pm
Tickets: $20
Woodlawn Cemetery: East 233rd Street New York, NY 10470 Take the 4 train to the end of the line in the Bronx. Meet at 7 pm at the cemetery gate at Jerome Avenue and Bainbridge Avenue.

This tour involves walking in the dark, so bring water, your camera, and wear sturdy shoes. Flashlights are required, and be on time as after 7 pm the gate will be locked until our adventure concludes.


Photographs by Kathryn Yu & Allison Meier