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Obscura Society Philly: Nautical Cats. Adventure, Courage, and Betrayal!

A historical lecture about the most unusual of crew members presented by Dr. Paul Koudounaris.

Always believed that cats are afraid of water? Well not the pugnacious pussies you'll meet in this lecture! Join us at the The Convent for stories of wily sea cats who traveled the world, fought in battles, won medals, and gained honor, all on the high seas.

Felines started boarding ships as crew members as far back as Ancient Egypt, and have since sailed the world in quest of adventure. Cats were at one point such a standard feature on any respectable boat that no captain worth his salt would set sail without one. Some of these determined little creatures traveled as far as the South Pole. Some even displayed apparent supernatural powers!

Dr. Paul Koudounaris (award winning author of Empire of Death, Heavenly Bodies, and Memento Mori, and a general bon vivant who also happens to be an expert on obscure feline history) will present the remarkable stories of the famous cats who prowled the high seas. These are stories of adventure and courage! And stories of betrayal! And most of all, they are stories of cats being cats! Learn all about Pooli, a Los Angeles feline who won four battle stars! Trim, who helped map the coast of Australia! Nigeraukak, a cat who survived an arctic winter with a shipwrecked crew! Oskar, the cursed cat of the German battleship Bismarck! And many more! 


The Convent is located in a residential neighborhood and parking is limited. Please respect surrounding neighbors

Doors open at 6:45. Dr. Koudounaris will begin promptly at 7pm

Dr. Koudounaris will have some prints of his work available for purchase after his presentation

Advance ticket sales only. All sales are final.