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Sacramento, California

Obscura Society SF: Expedition to Sutter's Fort

Join us in Sacramento for the celebration of the 167th anniversary of the raising of the Bear Flag at Sonoma

We're heading to the historic heart of Sacramento to hear tales of the dramatic and drunken uprising in known as the Bear Flag Revolution.

Steve Beck, Director of Public Programming at Sutter's Fort will be sharing tales of the short lived Republic of California, the Mexican American War, and the summer of 1846 during which as many as five flags may have flown over Sutter's Fort.

Join us this Saturday for an exciting day of scavenger hunts for history, demonstrations of black powder weapons; hear debates about which alliance Sutter and the Fort should take in the conflict; find out which five flags may have flown over the Fort; learn how the Bear Flag was designed and what each symbol represents; see a replica of the original Proclamation of Independence; participate in hands-on activities; hear the thunder of cannon and earn a coloring book about the 1846 conquest of California.

Tickets are $18 and include admission to the Sutter's Fort State Park on this special anniversary day and our dedicated introduction to the Bear Flag revolt by Steve Beck.


  • Saturday, June 15, 3-5pm
  • Address: Sutter's Fort, 2701 L St, Sacramento, CA
  • Meet in front of the ticket booth, inside the main entrance to the fort, and look for the Obscura Society team.
  • Space in our group is limited to 20 people