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Obscura Society SF: Other Machine Co. Factory Tour

See how the machines that make other machines get made themselves

Join us for a factory tour of Other Machine Co., makers of the Othermill. We'll go behind the scenes to see the assembly line, talk about quality control, and explore some of the other challenges and surprises involved in designing and manufacturing a desktop CNC mill. We'll also learn about CNC milling and how the rise of smaller, less expensive, and more accessible industrial tools is transforming making, for everyone from printed circuit board designers, to jewelry-makers, to chocolatiers, and even hobbyists.

What's a "CNC mill", you ask? Good question! CNC milling is the process of using software to convert design plans into instructions for a mill, which uses a sharp cutting tool to then automatically cut away material. It's like 3D printing, but you instead shave off material, rather than add material. But unlike 3D printing, CNC mills can work with a huge range of materials, from plastics to woods to metals. Historically, CNC mills were fabulously expensive and complicated, but a new generation of tools has reduced the cost and complexity by an order of magnitude, which means a lot more people making more cool stuff. Maybe even you?

Adventure Notes:

  • Wear close-toed shoes and avoid loose hanging clothes.
  • No children under 12. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Advanced tickets are required. All sales are final, however you may transfer your ticket.