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San Mateo

Obscura Society SF: Private Tour of the Zymoglyphic Museum

Join us for a rare public showing of a private cabinet of curiosity in San Mateo

Come out for an afternoon visit to Jim Stewart's wonderful and bizarre Zymoglyphic Museum, inspired by natural wonders, odd ephemera and the tradition of the cabinet of curiosities of old.

As described in the Atlas "Early modern cabinets of curiosity were often divided into the categories of artificialia and naturalia, giving equal precedence to the marvels of man and God. In the dreamscape dioramas of the Zymoglyphic Museum, these two categories collide. In Stewart's surreal tableaus, built from natural materials and installed in old aquarium tanks, it is often difficult to tell where the hand of nature stops and that of the artists begins."

Grab your cameras and come explore this rarely open amazing small museum with its creator for a close up look at the creative marvels within.


  • Sunday, July 7 2-4pm in San Mateo
  • Space is limited to 20 guests
  • Since this event is at a private residence, an email will be sent to attendees with the exact address