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San Francisco, United States

Obscura Society SF Salon: Intoxicating Spirits - Murder, Madness & Absinthe

Join us over a tasting flight at DNA Lounge for the first entry in our fall series of salons dedicated to stories of our favorite cocktails and intoxicating spirits

Inspiring minds from Hemingway to Baudelaire, Van Gogh to Aleister Crowley, the beguiling green liquor Absinthe has enjoyed a romantic reputation from devilish temptress to dangerous addiction.

Join us for an evening as we explore the myths and truths of Absinthe's story, how it rose to be the drink of the bohemian elite, inspired a generation of arts and literature, came to be the drug at the heart of a murderous scandal banishing it for a century, and how it came to rise again, here in the Bay Area.

Guest speakers include absinthe enthusiasts Rachel Clein-Cunningham, Douglas Worley, Beth Abdallah, and Jared Williams, cocktail master of DNA Lounge.

This salon is part of the Obscura Society "Intoxicating Spirits" series, exploring the back stories of our favorite boozes.


Tickets to this salon evening include a tasting flight related to the history of absinthe

General admission for this tasting event is: $20, advance tickets recommended

  • Tuesday September 17, 7-10 pm
  • DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh St, San Francisco
  • Ages 21+

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE: Murder Madness & Absinthe