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San Francisco, California

Obscura Society SF Salon: PART 2: Stories of the City Streets

Join us once more for the back stories of San Francisco's eccentrics and rebels, millionaires and mayors for whom the streets are named

Last time, in one of our favorite salon evenings to date, we barely scratched the surface of the stories of the famous citizens, explorers, generals, ne'er-do-wells, boats (ships!) and ladies of the night for whom the streets of San Francisco were named.

Please join us for a second evening of Stories of the City Streets, in which we will be delving deeper into the names of places we pass every day, looking for the most fascinating and strange corners of our city's history. This time we will be looking forward to the Gilded Era of silver barons and railroad millionaires, opulent mansions and private clubs on the cusp of destruction at the turn of the last century.

As always, delicious cocktails will be available to encourage audience participation.


  • Tuesday, July 9, 7-10pm 
  • DNA Lounge: 373 Eleventh Street, San Francisco
  • Ages 21+

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE: Part 2: Stories of the City Streets