Obscura Society SF Salon: Stories of the City Streets - Atlas Obscura

San Francisco, California

Obscura Society SF Salon: Stories of the City Streets

Join us at DNA Lounge for an evening look at the fascinating, forgotten, and sometimes bizarre stories behind San Francisco street names

From grifters to bold explorers, gold rush millionaires to ladies of ill-repute: the stories behind our city's street names are fantastically eclectic, to match our odd city's past.

Join us as we dig into the true stories of how our city established its famously complicated grid, conquered the seven hills, and the tales of the cartographers, founding fathers, and movers and shakers who got their names on the map.

Speakers include Annetta Black and Tre Balchowski of the Obscura Society, and guest speaker KC Crowell, presenting stories from South of Market.

KC Crowell is a freelance journalist and history buff based in San Francisco. She will make you a delicious cup of coffee while regaling you with tales of neighborhood history.

General admission: $12, advance tickets recommended


  • Tuesday June 11, 7-10 pm
  • DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh St, San Francisco

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