Obscura Society SF: An Evening at the SFMC Clubhouse - Atlas Obscura

San Francisco, California

Obscura Society SF: An Evening at the SFMC Clubhouse

Come explore the headquarters and learn the story of the second oldest motorcycle club in the country

Founded in 1904 when motorcycles were a sort of crazy, brave new technology and looked like slightly complicated bicycles, the SFMC now stands as one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in America, and indeed the world. 

Join us at the San Francisco Motorcycle Clubhouse for an evening featuring its members and officers who will share its colorful history and vital present in words, stories, rare unseen photos, and a tour of their historic club room.

For 109 years this club and many of its illustrious members have played a role in every aspect of motorcycling and numerous seminal city events. This will be a rare glimpse of a hidden treasure.


  • Friday, May 31st, 7 PM to Midnight
  • Address: 2194 Folsom Street, San Francisco CA 94110
  • Ages 21+
  • Tickets are $12, free to members of the SFMC