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Denver, Colorado

Obscure Sojourns: A Barrel's Story

Oak barrels are a common sight in distilleries, breweries, and wineries, but do you know their story?

Join us for a tasting tour of oaks and alternative wood species. We will dive into the barrel-aging process by comparing (drinking) a variety of unique wood aged products while becoming intimately familiar with the nuances that define the legendary American Oak barrel. We will discuss the history, science, and the essential ingredient: magnificent trees.

About David Monahan

Dr. David Monahan - engineer, distiller, cooper and serial entrepreneur - has a knack for challenging conventional thought. He opened (and sold) the first distillery in Fort Collins and recently founded Squarrel Square Barrels- the first sustainable, customizable and keg-able Oak barrel. Blending analytical sciences with the profound art of craft beverage making, Monahan now lives by a simple philosophy: honor thy oak.


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Free event. Everyone welcome. Bring your friends. Make some new ones.