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El Segundo, California

Old Town Music Hall

Sing along to the whimsical warbles of the Mighty Wurlitzer, an organ with over 2,000 pipes and multiple instruments, many of which are illuminated with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Join Field Agent Benjamin Harmon as we travel back in time, to a day when going to the movies was a big to-do complete with live music, onstage performances, and oftentimes, audience participation.

During this tour, we'll get a close-up look at this musical marvel, stepping up on the stage to view the varied and complex instrumentation, the four-keyboard console of the organ featuring 260 switches, and the vast array of controls and pedals. We'll learn about the history of the theater and the organ from founder and organist Bill Field, enjoy a live sing-along, and watch a short black-and-white silent film accompanied by the Mighty Wurlitzer.

About the Old Town Music Hall 

Old Town Music Hall began in the 1960s when two musicians, Bill Coffman and Bill Field, purchased the Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ from the Fox West Coast Theatre in Long Beach, California. They installed it in the quaint 188-seat El Segundo State Theater, originally built in 1921. Old Town Music Hall opened the doors in 1968 and the theater has remained an iconic symbol of heritage and entertainment ever since, with shows nearly every weekend. Silent films are accompanied by the famous Mighty Wurlitzer, just as they were when the films were first released in theaters.


  • Family-friendly! All ages welcome.
  • El Segundo is located 20 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. Please plan your route ahead to estimate travel time.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for at least 30 minutes of standing and walking.
  • Photography is encouraged! Tag #atlasobscura #oldtownmusichall


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