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New York, New York

Osbcura Society NY: The Sacred and the Unsacred Washington Square

Join us on a walking tour of the many hidden stories and countless layers of history that lie within Washington Square

Washington Square and the area around it is one of the most densely historic places in the Western world. The list of people who lived, worked, played and died there and the deeds they performed for the world is a bible of modernity.


Starting in the 17th century as the first black ghetto built by the Dutch to protect their plantations from Indian attacks from the north, and becoming the potter's field where New Yorkers gathered to watch public executions in the 18th, the area went on to become a center of robber baron opulence in the 19th century before gradually transforming into an immigrant neighborhood and a center of cultural and social foment as the city expanded further and further uptown,

The past is still there to see and touch. Rogue historian Dan Veksler, of Other World Tours, will tell the countless stories of Washington Square and the area surrounding it. Join us to see through the topsoil of university gentrification, and into the layers of the past.



Saturday, July 18th, 2015
Time: 11am-1pm
Tickets: $25

The meet-up: In front of the Grace Church on Broadway and 10th Street

Please be prepared for hiking/walking a long distance