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Chicago, Illinois

Paleontological Architecture of the Chicago Loop

Chicago is surrounded by fossils ... not just in the ground, but up in the buildings. Walk along as we unearth the ancient history that surrounds us.

This interactive walking tour will take the curious on a journey through the city tens of millions of years in the making.

Walk through the Loop and marvel at how many historical, ancient, and magnificent fossils you can find embedded in the sides of the very same buildings you shuffle past everyday.

This class, which is one part history lesson, one part geology crash course and one part paleontological treasure hunt, will give you a thorough rundown on the building of the city of Chicago, and along the way will point out all the best fossils the city has to offer. And everyone gets a real Midwestern fossil to take home.

Change your perspective, slow down for a few hours, and take the time to get to know your prehistoric legacy. We promise it'll forever enrich your experience of this city we already know and love.

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Video sneak preview

What to bring:

  • Any fossil you'd like identified

What will be provided:

  • A handout to keep and a hand lens to use on the tour


May 30, 2015
12:30-2pm 5/30/15

Meeting point: Chicago Riverwalk adjacent to Chicago's First Lady booth, roughly 112 E. Wacker Drive

(Walk down the stairs from Michigan & Upper Wacker) Photo of meeting spot above.