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Chicago, Illinois

Explore Collectibles at Potter & Potter

The most interesting things in the world can be found at Potter & Potter curated auctions.

Potter & Potter are renowned auctioneers, specializing in highly collectible items that range from historic magic tricks to the pop culture of decades past. Through a special arrangement, you're invited to attend an insider's session with an expert curator who will reveal some of the secrets and specialties of collectibles.

Our event will be a casual gathering, and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about how antiques are valued, how delicate items are preserved, and what quality it is that makes something "collectible" rather than "junk." We'll even get a demonstration of the toys and coin-operated machines as we peruse highlights of the September collection before each item is won by the highest bidders at auction the following Saturday and Sunday.

Some of the items offered include vintage gum advertising, Coca-Cola collectibles, clocks, circus posters, jet-setter travel posters, vintage vending machines, battery operated toys, puzzles, puppets, ventriloquist figures, movie posters, and much more. 

There will be no auction at our event, but you'll have lots of time to examine the items and learn some tips and tricks of the auctioneering trade. 


  Thursday, September 17, 2015
  7:30 PM
  Potter & Potter Auctions
  3759 N Ravenswood Ave #121
  Chicago, IL 60613

  Light refreshments will be served.