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Seattle, Washington

Preserving History and Community at the Nisei Veterans Hall

Get a behind-the-scenes tour of this personal and special collection.

Join Bruce Inaba and Debbie Kashino, long time community leaders at Seattle's Nisei Veterans Hall, for a personal glimpse into the history of this special location and the private collection held there, which is not generally available for public viewing.

For over 70 years, this unimposing building has been a cornerstone of the Japanese American community. Abandoned after the advent of Executive Order 9066 and the ensuing incarceration of all west coast Japanese Americans, following the war the hall was gifted to the Nisei Veterans Committee, a group of Seattle WWII veterans who formed in part because their Japanese heritage barred them from joining other veterans organizations.

Since that time, the NVC Hall has been a hub for connection and community, hosting everything from dances to basketball tournaments. In recent years, with the help of the National Parks Foundation and the Wing Luke Museum, the team at NVC has created a unique and little-known exhibit full of powerful artifacts representing the early days of Seattle’s Japanese American community, their WWII experiences, and the years of rebuilding that followed.


  • A portion of your ticket price will be donated to the NVC Foundation.
  • Free parking is available in a lot outside the Hall.
  • We will meet at the lower entrance to the building, which is located directly off the parking lot.
  • The tour will involve approximately two flights of stairs, but there is an elevator for those who need it.
  • Bathrooms are available in the building.
  • For those taking public transit, several bus lines as well as the First Hill Street Car come within a few blocks of the Hall.


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