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Culver City, California

Puppets, Dolls, and the Magic of Stop Motion

Where barbies are brought to life.

Once upon a time, "animating" meant bringing life to an inanimate object—something you could hold in your hands, but that couldn't move without a little help. 

Join Field Agent Sandi Hemmerlein and the Los Angeles Obscura Society as we visit Extra Credit Studios, a modern-day stop motion animation production studio. Located in Culver City's burgeoning Arts District, we'll travel back to a time when animation wasn't just about computer graphics on a screen.

Extra Credit Studios was formed by the writing and producing duo Mark Cope and Carlo Moss, who are best known for creating The Most Popular Girls in Schoolone of the most popular scripted series in the history of YouTube, a kind of "South Park meets Mean Girls" that stars some trash-talking Barbies.

We'll peek behind the veil at the process that has gone into creating an established, hit series (with nearly a million subscribers)—a lovechild born out of LA's sketch comedy community—as well as a brand-new stop motion series from this (now) full-service production studio.

Spoiler alert: It involves a lot of playing with dolls.


  • We will be visiting an active production studio where you may be around inks, paints, glues, and other puppet- and set-building materials, so please be mindful of any allergies or respiratory issues.
  • Children are welcome, but please: No touching!
  • Photos are encouraged! Tag @atlasobscura #atlasobscura #extracreditstudios
  • Capacity is extremely limited.
  • Plenty of street parking available, or Go Metro! The studio is situated along the Expo Line lightrail in Culver City.


Email Sandi Hemmerlein at sandi@atlasobscura.com.

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