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Palmdale, CA

Obscura Society LA: Return of the Raptor

Escape Los Angeles and join Obscura Society LA for an unforgettable adventure in the high desert

Diving towards their prey at speeds reaching 280 miles per hour, the Peregrine falcon is the fastest living creature on earth.

Meet Falcon Force, a team of raptors lead by Vahe' Alaverdian who provide traditional falconry methods to control nuisance birds at vineyards, crop fields, airports, and landfills.  Vahe' is a Master falconer with 30 years of experience handling and training birds of prey.

Join Obscura Society LA and Field Agent Erin Johnson for an up close encounter with Vahe’s majestic birds, including a Peregrine falcon, a Aplomado falcon, a Barbary falcon, and a Harris' hawk.

Beginning at dawn, while the air is cool enough for the birds to fly, Vahe’ will perform a flight demonstration, showing off the birds’ skills, while telling stories from the field and discussing the ancient art of falconry and the practical use of raptors for bird abatement.

At the end, there will be an opportunity for you to be photographed with one of these magnificent birds on your arm!

Make a day of it! Listen to the finale of the William Tell Overture as you pass over the Civic Musical Road and continue your adventure with a morning hike at the spectacular Vasquez Rocks. The early bird gets the worm!

Notes for this adventure:

- If you’d like to sit during the demonstration and lecture, you’re more than welcome to bring camping or folding chairs.

- The flight demonstration will take place in the desert in an area with NO restrooms. We advise that you make a pit stop on your way in.

- Bring water and sunscreen. There is no drinking water at the flight field or Vasquez Rocks.

-The exact location of the flight field will be emailed to attendees closer to the date.

-We highly recommend using the picture of you with a falcon on your arm as a new holiday card. Impress your Aunt! 

For more information about Vahe' and his birds, visit his website Falcon Force, LLC.