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New York, New York

Discussing Ruin and Redemption in Architecture

Dan Barasch, Co-Founder of the Lowline, and Dylan Thuras, Co-Founder of Atlas Obscura, discuss what it is about abandoned spaces that inspires us to seek them out and to re-imagine them.

Join Dylan Thuras, co-founder of Atlas Obscura and co-author of multiple Atlas Obscura books, and Dan Barasch, author of the new Ruin and Redemption in Architecture and co-founder of the Lowline at the 92Y, meet to have a discussion about extraordinary abandoned spaces and explore the possibilities and power within them.

Ruin and Redemption in Architecture captures the awe-inspiring drama of abandoned, forgotten, and ruined spaces, as well as the extraordinary designs that can bring them back to life — demonstrating that reimagined, repurposed, and abandoned architecture has the beauty and power to change lives, communities, and cities the world over. In this conversation, Dylan and Dan will share their enthusiasm for abandoned spaces and what can be done to preserve great architecture. 


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