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Seattle, Washington

Sculpture Stroll: Fins, Sound Garden, and the Artworks of Magnuson Park

Venture out on a one-of-a-kind art walk through fins, bridges, knolls, and musical sculptures.

Take a trek through fin-infested grasses, soak in Lake Washington vistas, and listen to Seattle’s world-famous Sound Garden with this special-access venture.

This scenic walk through Seattle’s second-largest park and former Naval Air Station will uncover how public artworks have shifted the landscape and created unique experiences with nature. The venture will include a special visit to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Art Walk, a restricted space containing five commissioned artworks by renowned artists Siah Armajani, Scott Burton, Douglas R. Hollis, Martin Puryear, and George Trakas.

Julianna Ross, Executive Director of SPACE, Elizabeth A. Umbanhowar, landscape architect, and Michelle Hagewood, artist and educator, will join forces to provide a multifaceted look at the histories of the sites, the processes behind landscape-situated artworks, and the mechanics of experiencing the works to their fullest, multi-sensory potential.

This will be a fresh air walking tour that will cover approximately 2.5 miles, with stops that will help you catch your breath and ignite your curiosity.   


  • Meet at Fin Art sculpture in Magnuson Park.
  • Parking instructions and map will be provided.
  • The route is wheelchair accessible, just be prepared for a bit of gravel.
  • This event is open to ages 13+.
  • For the Art Walk at NOAA, security is tight. Make sure to bring a U.S. photo ID with you and be prepared to have your bags searched.
  • We will be “ hiking” about 2.5 miles total at moderate pace, making numerous stops along the route. Please plan accordingly with proper shoes.
  • Rain or shine. This is Seattle, after all.
  • Photography is encouraged. Tag #atlasobscura for anything especially interesting.


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