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St. John's, NL

Seals and Culture: An Evening of Conversation and Celebration

An evening at Rocket Bakery filled with live music, sustainable industry, folk tales, a film screening, food, drink, revelries—and even a few surprises.

Seals (and a culinary sub-theme of seaweed), Northern food security, sustainable industry, musician AE Bridger, folk tales, single malt scotch, and multidisciplinary artist Anne Troake. Intrigued?

Join us at Rocket Bakery for an evening of cuisine and conversation inspired by the seal harvest and its place in the cultures of Newfoundland and Labrador. At 7pm, watch Clare Fowler turn seal pelts into beautiful items, and listen to Jim Winter talk of his days on the ice and his years of sealing advocacy. Eat seal treats and enjoy the scotch and seaweed pairings while Felicity Roberts talks about culinary and non-traditional uses for seal and seaweeds.

Anne Troake's film "My Ancestors Were Rogues and Murderers" will screen at 8pm. The film addresses animal rights campaigns and explores themes of ecology and conservation through the story of Troake's extended family, descendants of 18th-century settlers who were sustained by activities such as sealing. A discussion facilitated by Anne will follow.

Seal facts and folklore and the music of AE Bridger and friends will be interspersed throughout the evening, as well as several surprise features.


  • Tickets can be purchased online in advance (see below), or in cash at the door.
  • Food and drink not included in ticket cost, to be purchased separately.
  • All ages welcome!

Note: We will be accepting donations at the event for The Independent, a local free and non-commercial online news site that has done important work regarding the Muskrat Falls protests, with reporter Justin Brake facing criminal charges and possible jail time for covering the land protectors occupation of the site from the inside. He will go to court on April 11th.


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