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Seattle, Washington

Seattle Earthship: Trash Studio Tour

Explore and tour the Trash Studio, Seattle’s first Earthship: a no-cost, zero-impact solar structure located in the heart of Columbia City.

In 2014, a group of passionate community builders came together in an ordinary driveway in Columbia City to plan and build Seattle's first-ever Earthship. 

Earthships are designed to be entirely self-sustaining, independent, inhabitable structures. And now, Seattle's very own "Trash Studio" is almost complete. Very soon, the structure will serve as a place for school groups, artists, architects, city planners, natural-material builders, and the public to learn about green building principles and “how to live lightly on the planet.” Made of garbage including recycled tires, salvaged metal, reclaimed glass, and plastic bottles, the Trash Studio focuses on the key eco-building principles of materials, water harvesting, and heating and cooling mechanisms. The studio is designed to both passively heat and cool itself, while also collecting rainwater.

In this 1-1/2-hour event, Florian Becquereau, the founder of Earthship Seattle, will provide guests with a history and overview of New Mexico architect Michael Reynold’s Earthships. The Earthship concept first emerged in the 1970s and focuses around three central tenets: utilizing sustainable architecture and material indigenous to the local area or recycled materials wherever possible; reliance on natural energy sources and independence from the "grid"; and feasibility of construction for a person with no specialized construction skills. 

Join Atlas Obscura to learn about the process and challenges of building a zero-waste building in the Pacific Northwest and the utopian vision behind the Earthship movement.


  • A portion of the ticket price will be donated to Earthship Seattle.
  • Address will be sent to registered attendees.
  • The studio is located at a private residence where there is a small dog.
  • The location of the facility is not ADA accessible.

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