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New York, New York

Obscura Society NYC and Other World Tours Present: Shadows of Nieuw Amsterdam

Peel back the layers of history as we explore the 17th century streets of lower Manhattan, the oldest settled part of New York City

In the beginning (of America) there was the Logos, and the echo of those first rumbles still rolls through the narrow canyons that lie between the monumental cliff faces of the Financial District.

The fortified 17th century Dutch settlement on the tail end of the ancient native trade route that is now Broadway, which by 1776 had turned into New York's first opulent neighborhood and a hotbed of espionage and separatism, was the scene of a surprising number of dramatic first steps in America's history, and has continued as the location of many turbulent and formative events. This little-understood neighborhood - the oldest and most oft-reinvented, remains a schizophrenic collage of the remnants of its numerous cataclysms and pheonix-like resurrections.

On this tour, rogue historian Dan Veksler (founder and guide of Other World Tours) peels back layers of history in this part of the city to reveal layers of meaning about who we are. We will come face to face with the surprisingly tangible residue of all the stages this - one of America's oldest neighborhoods - has lived through, while exploring the rich symbolism of the architecture of the Financial District and what it says to the World.

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Sunday, September 7; 12pm - 2:30pm
Tickets: $25
We will be meeting at the front entrance to the Native American Museum, located at 1 Bowling Green. Please arrive on time; our tour will begin promptly at noon.