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Long Beach, California

Shark Sighting!

Get your jaws on at a top research lab and then wash it all down with shark-inspired beer.

These researchers don't need a boat to track down the Pacific's most venerable predators.

One of the many fascinating aspects—and perils—of living on the West Coast is our proximity to some pretty gnarly waves and even gnarlier sets of jaws at our beaches. And this year has been a big one for sharks in Southern California.

Join Field Agent Sandi Hemmerlein at the Shark Lab, which has pioneered the development and use of sound wave technology to study sharks. Founded in 1966, the Shark Lab is one of the largest acoustic telemetry labs on the west coast to study the movement, behavior, and physiology of sharks as well as other Elasmobranchii such as rays and gamefishes.

During our visit, arranged exclusively for Atlas Obscura Society LA, we'll get a tsunami of shark smarts from Shark Lab director and Professor of  Marine Biology Dr. Chris Lowe. Dr. Lowe's own groundbreaking work includes using underwater robots to track members of this enigmatic species.

Whether they're long in the tooth or still wet behind the ears, the sharks that swarm our waters have a story to tell—and the Shark Lab is listening.

After our tour of the lab's facilities, we'll convene over at Ballast Point for a tasting of their seaworthy brews, which have been inspired by sharks, mackerel, and other creatures of the deep. It's where science meets art... and results in delicious beer.


  • This event occurs on a Friday afternoon.
  • Age 21 and over. Must show ID.
  • Please plan ahead for freeway traffic to Long Beach, 25 miles southeast of Downtown LA.
  • Ticket price includes admission to the Shark Lab tour and a beer tasting. Food will be available at Ballast Point for an additional purchase.
  • A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to support the Shark Lab's ongoing research and off-shore projects


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