Sideshow and Sleight of Hand: A Showcase of Intrigue and Illusions - Atlas Obscura

Chicago, Illinois

Sideshow and Sleight of Hand: A Showcase of Intrigue and Illusions

Join Atlas Obscura for an exclusive evening of magic and sideshow at Trickery Chicago.

Science Meets Magic In Chicago!

Two amazing shows for one price! Freaky science collides with ancient magical secrets!

Mystery and wonder awaits you at Trickery as Freakshow & Tell, will showcase a menagerie of science, history and insanity. See the Fire Eater and learn how 100,000 volts of electricity, nails, chainsaws and broken glass are playthings for Thom Britton in FreakShow & Tell.

You can’t trust your eyes as Aaron Rabkin, founder of Trickery, performs sleight of hand and illusion inches from your face! You will not believe what you see.

Our Atlas Obscura audience will see BOTH shows LIVE ON STAGE. Before and after the performance, guests will have an opportunity to mingle with the performers. Ask the right questions and they may even reveal some of their secrets! Come with your favorite brew or wine, as the evening will be BYOB for those 21 years or older.


  • This event is BYOB for attendees 21 and older.
  • This event is suitable for ages 16 and older.


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