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Vienna, Austria

Special Access Tour at the Museum for Contraception and Abortion

Join us before opening hours for a guided tour in English about topics ranging from crocodile feces to contemporary reproductive politics.

Reproductive health and rights—which are human rights—are still polarizing, often restricted, and with many barriers to their access worldwide. The Museum for Contraception and Abortion (MUVS) was founded in 2003 by Dr. Christian Fiala, a medical practitioner and gynecologist, and opened in 2007. It celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and is still the only one of its kind in the world. The museum is located in Vienna, Austria, a country with one of the most intolerant attitudes towards contraception and consequently one of the highest abortion rates in Europe.

For Obscura Day, the Museum will welcome you before its regular opening hours for the chance to join a special guided tour in English. You will hear about a wide array of topics, from frogs and crocodile feces, to the story behind the invention of the bidet, to the consequences of an abortion ban. 

The Museum documents what kind of historical methods—not infrequently harmful to health—were used to try to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Three rooms provide a look at the history of contraception, from ancient Egypt to methods that will be used in the future, as well as contemporary abortion in light of its development from the laws implemented by Maria Theresa to current statutes. Join us to learn more about a conversation that has been going on for millennia.  


  • When you show up for the tour, please ring the bell!
  • Uniquely for Obscura Day, this tour will be conducted in English. 
  • The tour takes place from 12–1:30pm.
  • If there is high demand, we will open a second tour from 10-11:30am.


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