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Zwentendorf an der Donau, Austria

Special Tour of Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant

Join us for a tour of Austria's first and only nuclear power station—completed but never used.

This Obscura Day, join us for a special German-language tour of the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant, exploring the architecture of nuclear power in the 1970s and highlighting an important piece of contemporary Austrian history and politics.

For a brief moment in the 1970s, it looked like the future of Austria's power production was going to be in a handful of massive nuclear plants, but the entire vision was put down by massive public outcry. Before the people voted down their nuclear future, one plant was completely finished. Around a billion euros later, Zwentendorf was left abandoned before it was ever turned on.

Completed in the mid-to-late 1970s, the tall, monolithic building was outfitted with what was, at the time, a cutting-edge boiling water reactor, an enormous chimney tower, and radioactive nuclear rods. The Zwentendorf facility was intended as just the first of a number of planned nuclear plants in the country, but anti-nuclear sentiment exploded during its construction. In a referendum passed in 1978, the Austrian people voted by a margin of just over 50 percent to ban all nuclear power plants. And with that, the new plant was left dead in the water.

Come explore this fascinating facility that never ended up spinning into motion.


  • Saturday, May 6, 2pm–4pm
  • Ticket Cost: Free as a special Obscura Day offer, but capacity is limited.
  • Please Note: This tour will be conducted in German.

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