Spectacle & Mirth's Obscura Cabaret! - Atlas Obscura

Staunton, Virginia

Spectacle & Mirth's Obscura Cabaret!

A phantasmagorical display of wonders to uncover what is hidden.

This Obscura Day, experience an intimate performance of beguiling vaudevillians, sideshow charmers, brave burlesquers, and master musicians at Spectacle & Mirth's Obscura Cabaret.

We are pleased to present the following cast of characters: Buster Britches, a consummate vaudevillian from DC; Miss Opal Lechmanski, the most charming of sideshow girls; Polaris Van Samus, occult beauty and burlesquer of the Harrisonburg Harlots; Master Eleanor Graham, cellist extraordinaire; and Carmel Clavin, Impresaria and your host, whether you like it or not.

Learn more aboutSpectacle & Mirth's home, The Kettle, and the cabarets here.


  • $15 general admission, $20 VIP
  • VIP tickets include preferred seating and a refreshment on the house.


Email Larissa at larissa.hayden@atlasobscura.com.

All Sales Final. No Refunds or Exchanges.

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