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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tarot Gardens

Demystify an occultist tool while enjoying one of Philadelphia's most magical folk art venues.

Tarot is experiencing yet another resurgence in interest and use, with new decks being created every week. But what are the origins of its symbology? How ancient is it?

The Tarot deck, which has no individual author, is best known as an oracle for making decisions and casting fates, but its history winds through the worlds of higher mysticism and art as well. Tarot has emerged as a creative synergy between the two, reflecting the experience of artists like Pamela Coleman Smith and Salvador Dali as well as an entire generation of modern artists and designers. 

Tarot Gardens will explore the origins of tarot and its influence on the art world. You will be taught a simple method of connecting with the imagery to divine your own meaning—you're even welcome to bring your favorite tarot decks! We'll also explore the process of creating a deck with Grace Duong, whose own journey to understand the tarot lead to the creation of her "Mystic Mondays" deck.  Throughout the event you'll also be able to wander the maze of one of Philadelphia's most unique places, Philadelphia's Magic Gardens—an immersive mixed media art environment conceived of by local artist Isaiah Zagar. 


Alexandra Kurowski is a Philadelphia based Healing Artist and has been studying tarot for over 20 years. She has developed and teaches a course on Esoteric Tarot, and offers private readings. She has been organizing events celebrating the tarot renaissance at Philadelphia's Reiki School + Clinic, Tattooed Mom, and Spiral Bookcase.


  • Street parking only. Public transit is recommended. 
  • Knowledge and experience of tarot are not required. 
  • Event takes place at the Magic Gardens, a venue that is a giant work of art—please be respectful of the space.
  • Photography is permitted.


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