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Altadena, California

49 Boxes: The Golden Age of Magic

An immersive experience in a marvelous mausoleum.

49 Boxes: The Golden Age of Magic celebrates the life, creations, and legacy of Floyd G. Thayer, one of the most renowned magic apparatus inventors of the early 1900s. From Keller to Thurston to Houdini, he created illusions for the greatest magicians of all time.

Get hands-on and interact with incredible artifacts from the past, while collaborating with others to follow clues, solve puzzles, and unravel mysteries. An intriguing story, an unconventional scavenger hunt, a collaborative quest—all are part but fail to describe this unique get-together. In the words of creators Michael Borys and Alex Lieu: "This isn't an experience that happens around you… it happens because of you."

49 Boxes has been featured in LA Weekly, Inc. Magazine, BoingBoing, and many others. Most recently it was the cover story of Genii, the world's leading magazine devoted to the art of magic. Neil Patrick Harris, former president of the Magic Castle, commented: “This experience totally blew my mind—and that isn’t easy to do.” 

This event will be co-hosted by Field Agent Carlyle Coash.


A disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright, Cecil E. Bryan began construction on the Mountain View Mausoleum in 1923 and considered it to be the crown jewel of the more than 80 mausoleums he built nationwide. Taking pride in Mountain View as a true work of art, Bryan included a series of grandiose features and add-ons, like extensive stained glass and frescoed ceilings, to demonstrate his elegant craftsmanship and to create what he proudly believed was a "model mausoleum.” Today, he and his wife rest in sarcophagi on the galleria level. 


  • The Mausoleum is located at 2300 Marengo Avenue in Altadena.
  • Recommended age 11 and above.
  • Photography is encouraged! Tag #atlasobscura #49boxes 


Email Carlyle Coash at carlyle.coash@atlasobscura.com

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