The Fitzgerald Museum - Atlas Obscura

Montgomery, Alabama

The Fitzgerald Museum

Visit the stories found within the last home where F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald lived together as a family.

Join us as we discuss characters of the Lost Generation, Scott's relationship & infamous 'break-up' with Ernest Hemingway, the true inspiration for 'Tender Is the Night' and so much more!

The Fitzgeralds' were known for their gypsy lifestyle and Jazz Age antics and their time throughout Europe is a complicated tale of marital woes, mental illness and a scramble for inspiration. The Fitzgerald Museum will be featuring the travels of F. Scott & Zelda throughout Paris, Capri and the French Riviera on our tours for Obscura Day to correspond with their annual Gala & Silent Auction that evening. 

Visitors to The Fitzgerald Museum also have access to a special 10% discount to the museum's annual gala, available for purchase at the museum on Obscura Day. 

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