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Los Angeles, California

The Moore Lab of Zoology

Extinct passenger pigeons, monkey-eating eagles, and the world's smallest bird (the bee hummingbird) are just a few of the amazing specimens hidden inside the ornithology collection at Occidental College.

The Moore Lab of Zoology is one of the world's largest collections of bird specimens and an active research lab using the latest technologies to better understand biodiversity. Join us for an exclusive tour led by research scientists who will show us some of the most unusual and magnificent creatures to ever grace the sky.

The collection was started in 1933 by Robert T. Moore. He and his principal collector Chester Lamb traveled across North and South America to study, observe, and document these amazing creatures. Moore is credited with discovering at least four new species and amassing the world's largest collection of Mexican birds. In 1950, Moore gave his collection to Occidental College and in 1952, the Moore Lab of Zoology was dedicated. Moore passed away six years later knowing that his love of birds would carry on to future generations.

Each ticketed admission will include a beautiful hand-made, limited, bird print! The designs vary. 

There will be two tours. The first will be from 10:00-11:30am & the second will be 12:00-1:30pm.


  • This event is family friendly, ages 12+
  • Capacity is extremely limited! Only 15 spots available.
  • The exact address will be sent to all confirmed attendees a few days before the event.



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