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Glover, Vermont

The Museum of Everyday Life

Lend a hand at MOEL's Community Participation Weekend and play a part in creating the museum's 2017 exhibit, "Bells and Whistles"!

Fittingly held in a simple barn building, Vermont's Museum of Everyday Life is a homegrown collection of items that most people would simply send to the scrapheap. Here they are venerated for their very normalcy in a tongue-in-cheek statement about museum culture.

Yet even as it excoriates the huffy image of traditional museums, the Museum of Everyday Life truly puts the wonder of the mundane on public display for visitors to discover as they wander through the collection. By consciously presenting traditionally un-curious things as though they are part of a sort of cabinet of curiosities, everything from matchbooks to safety pins to pieces of reclaimed wood become singular pieces of unintentional art. There have been exhibitions surrounding toothbrushes and pencils, along with the ever-present old farm tools and pieces of scrap along the walls.

Coinciding with Obscura Day this year, the Museum of Everyday Life will be hosting a Community Participation Weekend May 6–7 during which the public is invited to participate in the behind-the-scenes work of creating the upcoming 2017 season’s featured exhibit, “Bells and Whistles.” We’ll be working from 10am to 5pm on everything from cleaning and repairing the exhibition spaces to building and assembling new exhibition pieces to working on labels, signs, maps, and information pamphlets to landscaping outside the museum. There will be tasks for all skill levels and plenty of opportunity to jump into work in whatever area is of interest to the participant. Snacks and beverages will be served throughout the day!

Guests are welcome to arrive at any point and stay for any length of time between 10am and 5pm.

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