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Portland, Oregon

The Zymoglyphic Museum

Discover the world's only repository of art, artifacts and natural history from the Zymoglyphic region.

Explore artifacts from the Rust Age, dioramas from the Age of Wonder, a cybernetic aquarium from the Modern Age, and more!

Recently relocated from the Bay Area to Portland, Oregon, the Zymoglyphic Museum houses a cabinet of curiosities created by artist Jim Stewart. Early modern cabinets of curiosity were often divided into the categories of artificialia and naturalia, giving equal precedence to the marvels of man and God. In the dreamscape dioramas of the Zymoglyphic Museum, these two categories collide. In the series of surreal tableaus, built from natural materials and installed in old aquarium tanks, it is often difficult to tell where the hand of nature stops and that of the artist begins.

This Obscura Day, explore the museum with the artist behind it all. Jim will be on site to answer questions about the collection, his art and inspiration.




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