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Brooklyn, NY

Tom Stathes Vintage Cartoon Carnival: Halloween Hijinks

Join animation archivist and projectionist, Tom Stathes, for a special Halloween-themed screening.

To celebrate Halloween 2012, Tom Stathes brings you some weird, wacky, and rare 1920s-1930s cartoons from his extensive 16mm film library. Spooky, ghoulish, and freakish themes were all normal fare throughout film history, especially in the early animation realm. For a fun and unique way of celebrating the holiday, come out to see some frighteningly rare cartoons--shown in real 16mm, with a film projector--that you’ll be sure to enjoy!

Tom Stathes is a Cartoon Cryptozoologist, with a rare film print collection comprised of over 1,000 shorts. His archive consists of everything from Felix the Cat and Farmer Alfalfa to silent reels from Bray Studios and Out of the Inkwell. A native-New Yorker, he turned his passion for the city’s animation legacy into a preservation mission. With his Bray Animation Project, he has worked with several film and comic historians to document the studios invaluable output. For more information go or